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Gnawturals - Delicious by Nature

Gnawturals Cricket Crunch

Looking for a high-end cookie with a little something extra for your crunchy-treat loving dog? Gnawturals Cricket Crunch is the answer. These cookie recipes start with high-quality, natural ingredients like oats, coconut flour, pumpkin, quinoa, turmeric, and sunflower oil without the inclusion of corn, wheat, or soy. Building from that incredible base recipe, this line up provides your pet with a sustainable, environmentally friendly cricket protein that also provides a healthy balanced level of diverse bacteria in your pet’s tummy for gut health. Of course, let’s not forget about the delicious flavors with these treats being offered in pumpkin, peanut butter, and banana flavors for a delicious crunchy treat that we know our pets will love, provide healthy snacks, and even benefit the planet with sustainability!

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